…home of Epoch Labradors, is our sanctuary in this fast-paced world. Our wonderful Labradors are our family. They keep us sane, honest, and in shape! Walking the dogs, regardless of weather, completes the day for all!

“My deepest gratitude is owed to my mentor and “other mother,” Nancy Chargo of Banner Labradors. Without Nancy I would not have had such a wonderful foundation and my life would not be as full.”

–Cindy Skiba

Our home was selected for Labradors, with over 80 acres of woods in which to hunt and ponds in which to swim. Tired dogs are happy dogs!!

At Epoch Farms, our dogs hang out on the couch and sleep indoors. Our litters are carefully planned and average one or two a year. Puppies are sold on limited registration and adoptive homes are carefully screened. Some of our puppies have found their way into the show ring, or as therapy dogs, or hunting ducks and upland game—but most importantly, into their families’ hearts.